Sunday, 22 June 2008

Platonics poker guide: 1. The 3/4ths Buy In Law

Quite a few poker books I have read recently have helped my game a lit, but there are some big holes in them and they have not been updated for the 21st centuary - I news for you Slansky and co. - POKER HAS CHANGED SINCE YOUR DAY..... and ONLINE POKER IS A DIFFERENT GAME ALTOGETHER.

Some of you gruffnuts have been pestering me about my £14 to £15 buy in tactic. I've had some reservations about revealing why I do this as this law of poker will change the face of the internet games forever... but here goes.

I've decided to call this law the PLAT-Stack law of poker.

Advantages of "The PLAT-stack":

- When I get a bad beat or a "cooler" situation (like top pair vs top pair (better kicker)) I only lose 3/4ths of my stack. This is an obvious advantage as it means I lose less money.

- It allows me to double up a lot easier.

- The element of surprise. These fish don't notice that one minute I sit with £14 then 2 secs later I have well over £20.

- It lets me play my draws and pairs.

- It makes me unique (although I have recently seen some dudes trying to copy me; e.g. Godlin, Strutty and __sp__)

- When I get over £28 I get up instantly and leave. This allows me to never lose any big pots.

- It allows me to play for bigger steaks with less of a bankroll - this was a major factor in my quick rise through the stakes on crypto towards my current status of OWNING £20NL. It is no longer a problem as my bankroll is massive. I could easily move upto 50NL and crush but I'm not sure of the optimal amount to buy in for (anyone who knows gimmie a shout in the comments).

Thats about it. I know a lot of people have been waiting for this info - feel free to share it with your close friends and family.

Beware someone is posting a fake Plato blog... what a loser... I recon it's Loser18 trying to get back at me for stacking him twice. WHAT A GRUFFNUT. My next blog will concentrate on the 2nd LAW of online poker - how to use your position to your advantage.

Remember dudes it's only a game so put up a real good fight. We're gonna be "pokering" you tonight. The one and only, undisputed top dog of cryto, best poker instructer in the UK, PLATONIC_ (your king, their god)

Thank me later....


Anonymous said...

absolute bollocks,and when has -sp- ever sat with less than a full buy-in?

losin less money without a full buy in may be true,but how about winnin your maximum by playin full stacked

everythin else u said is crap,its just an excuse for not havin the balls to play full stacked

Anonymous said...

Fuck That You Need This :

You Illiterate Twat said...

"- It allows me to play for bigger steaks with less of a bankroll"

Would that be beef steak, rump steak or rib eye ?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Platonic_ said...

no more of them please

justin033 said...

why doesnt ben100-holla get a life..hes on 24/7

godlin said...

i dont copy anythin from u platonic u fuckin wanker

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!1

You're a prick.

Amatay said...

Genius post Plat, 2 things...

Firstly, i love the word Gruffnut. I might steal it if thats ok?

Second, wowsay at Plats Law!!! That is truely ground breaking stuff, you should write a book mate??? Platonic on Holdem or Platonics Advanced Poker Strategies or summat? Maybe i could contribute and write a chapter? Amatay's SnGay techniques??

Looking forward to Plat's 2nd law

Laters fish

Anonymous said...

playing a 60 bb stack is mentioned in one of Ed Millers book - but only as it helps total beginners to NL get in trouble by overbetting hands like tp and getting stacked.

apart from that it's bollox, you want a full stack to maximise your winnings.

also PMSL at some guy sitting to Pratonics left with the same avatar yesterday.......fukin hilarious!!

Arsole said...

ill fight any of u fuckers anytime,anyplace

openplan,lowfields,railings1,15ti1000 said...

that was me and im hard as fuck!

i get a massive erection when i sit there because he is so shite!

Anonymous said...

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Cadmunkey said...

I suggest a buyin of £32.50 for the £50NL games on crypto.
Its ok Plat you can thank me later when you are crushing the games.

Jacktar13 said...

he wouldnt dare put that much down,and i doubt very much he will even play there.hes been sayin it for way to long without any action

hes just a gutless prick

Anonymous said... - Untold Poker Secrets - cheap horse racing tips - unbeatable horse racing arbitrage

__sp__ said...

__sp__ adressing some fucking issues with cunto platonico, for starters i never sit down with a £15 buyin you bastard. And secondly unlike fukcing you i actually win money on crypto you fish neck bastard. I challenge you to several games of heads up poker, £50 per table over 4 tables. You couldnt crush a fucking grape never mind £20nl on crypto you useless aggrogant fucking bastard.

Sit at my table and lets setup this grudge match!

You sick deluded crack head cunt.

Lets play bastard features!!!

pokertipsand said...

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