Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Hi guys not updated my blog in a while, to be honest i've been busy and shit. At the moment as i write this im on holiday in tenarife. its been pretty good so far and ive made lots of friends and also had a bit of sexual action although i did have to use your fishes money to pay for it. she was a dirty nigger and to be honest i feel a bit guilty for it. i used a connie huck so hopefully i will be fine.....

i bought some hachish from a lovely young fella so basically just been smoking that and i have to say its the best shit ive ever smoked. i love this place i might take my carava over and live here it's so sick.

i got off my tits last night watching the chealsa game and ive not been to sleep since.

basically im having a great time over here whilst all of you cunts are wanking yourself off over amatays blog and to be honest im sick of writing this shite so im gonna stop now.

when i get back im gonna fucking crush and im thinking of moving up to £2/4 i'll make a shite load.

this is the one and only real plat coming at ya from spain.

peace out.