Thursday, 19 June 2008

Buying in for 3/4ths of the max buy in.

Hello Plat fans. Long time no post. I've been busy crushing the 20NL tables as usual and have also went on quite a few one day fishing trips with my dad. I totally owned him and caught way more fish and more to the point bigger fish. One fish I caught was fucking huge. My dad was pretty pissed off because he taught me how to fish in the first place.

Anyway, I've had a number of comments and eMails asking to to explain my short stack strategy. I've been working on a post like this for a long time as I think it will change the face of NL poker.

I'm still putting it together but I just thought I'd let you know that it is coming soon, as some of you fish seem to be getting restless. Don't worry - I will share with you my great insight in to NL game very soon.

For now I will leave you with a picture of the fish i caught on Monday.


Anonymous said...

change the face of NL..hmmm...a 2 plus 2 book

sp said...

that aint just a fish,its your fuckin girlfriend u wanker,and your dad is also your brother

Platonic_ said...

Jesus 2 comments already man you guys are SAD.

2 plus 2 book? what is that?

sp- Get a grip that isn't my girlfriend. I don't have a girlfriend.

Dan Harrington said...

2 + 2 = 4

available from amazon with new updated section on "how to crush platonic_"

he is the worst player i have ever seen.

kollegga said...





Raul06021 said...

i wonder why this fucker doesnt have a girlfriend?

also,why put bollocks down about your life(or lack of) outside poker,no one cares.we just piss ourselves at your opinion of your ability at poker

justin033 said...

im playing tomorow!!

harold fritzel (austria) said...

but your not denying your dad is your brother ?

weirdo weirdo weirdo!!!

wtf wtf wtf

1out1der said...

bugger off platonic_ (me)

VENOM_G said...

no need for your comment on my blog was there, if u dnt like dnt read it u fuckin retard, yors is gr8 yeh with a fish u caught likewise i dnt care, so dnt bother starting an arguement or writing comments like that on mine when theres no need for it.

Anonymous said...

of Sevens, Ace high
Dealer: Game #7494505054, Platonic_ wins pot (£10.40) with A Full House, Kings full of Nines
Platonic_: ave it fish
Platonic_: fkin loser piece of sh1T
Dealer: Game #7494505094, hot_babe wins pot (£0.20)
Lake004: lol mate u need to get a life
Platonic_: fk off
Platonic_: fk off eat my sh!T and die

justin033 said...

im playin this weekend

Anonymous said...

do none of u cunts realise that this blog is a complete piss take? course he didnt go fishing he's just making shit up for u saddos to rant about lol some people r fucking retarded.

justin033 said...

im still playin this weekend whatever

justin003 said...

i played till 6am this morning, had 3 hours sleep and started again at 9am

gl all

platonic_ said...

Platonic_: fk off eat my sh!T and die

justin i am the full time arsehole on hills


railings1 said...

im heterosexual

mrhyde89 said...

im a lesbian

Sureudo said...

anyone fancy a live game of naked heads up?

openplan said...

i refuse to post on this blog any more.

platonic is an arsehole and doesn`t have enough input into his blog.

most blogs are updated daily whereas i have been waiting 2 months for the 3/4 buy in strategy.

you are an unemployable arsehole platonic with or without your degree in sandwich making.

your just a silly sausage in real terms.

and so say all of us!!!

Anonymous said...

this is what someones been using Plat :

spudsalad said...

i'm sure Cladia27 uses that - with all the killer reads she keep making against me.

she called me with J high the other day and was good.

i'm such a fish.