Thursday, 20 May 2010

crushing again

hi guys been quite on blog front i know, just an update to say that i have been crushing higher stakes than my usual for a long time now.

i got coaching off of razor666 back in december of last year and i haven't looked back since!

will post my graph soon and make you all sick



Tuesday, 11 May 2010


haggis muching mong from scotland is all talk and no balls.

hasn't won since the super soft days of 2006 and is clueless when it comes to cash game play.

because he can't even win at $10NL he is trying to learn low stakes PLO (seems to be doing pretty badly)

this guy is a joke of a man, i urge all loyal PLAT fans to leave some abuse on this scottish twats blog, ask him why he never posts results and why he is playing micro stakes PLO and why he cant even beat $10nl holdem.