Friday, 28 November 2008

Razor666 : No jokers allowed

Hi guys, whats up? I've just been crushing £50nl on crypto. This month I've made almost £21,000 (including rackeback). EASY GAME.

Now onto Razor666, I've been taking shots at £100nl and have stacked him a number of times (when he overplays KK). As a joke I put that video up on my blog. He didn't like it. I thought we were mates or at least MSN buddies until tonight when it all kicked off and he started calling me all the names under the sun. Take a look for yourself:

Platonic: hey lee, how u?
Lee (Razor666): fuckin shit
Lee: running like dog shit
Lee: and keep getting disconected when i have AA
Lee: crypto is fuckin joke
Lee: you not been disconnected constantly?
Platonic: no its been fine for me mate
Lee: ive written to them demanding my money back
Lee: what a fuckin joke of a shite
Platonic: you lost a lot of money?
Platonic: lol i stacked you a few times!
Lee: ye im stcuk 6000 the last 2 months
Lee: fuckin rigged software
Platonic: nah mate dont be silly
Lee: fk u
Lee: your a retarded 20nl player
Lee: i dont even wanna speak to u u spastic
Lee: who gave you my email anyway?
Lee: ive had enough of you
Lee: i hope you lose your bankroll and go back to pickin up dog shit
Platonic: i play £50nl infact
Lee: your so bad at poker
Lee: and your blog is a load of shite
Lee: who the fuck do you think you are?
Lee: fuckin twat
Platonic: i thought we were mates?
Lee: not any more, f u

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

BNP Memebers list - I'M NOT SCARED

As some of you who like to keep up with current affairs will have noticed - some fucking sad gruffnut has leaked the list containing all names and addresses of members of the party.

As a BNP supporter of course my name is on that list. I've already had some dodgy phone call from some nig nogs threatening to set my house on fire!

HA HA HA! The joke is on them because I moved out of my parents house over 6 months ago.

So good luck in "coming to get me" there!!! LOL fucking black clowns. It's a fucking disgrace that they come to this county just to try and set the good peoples houses on fire. What a fucking joke.

I think this news story will only increase the BNP's popularity and I think we have a real chance of getting into power at the next election. If all us good guys pull together I'm sure we can free this country of all the skum.

On the poker front - I'm down £600 this week so far WHICH IS A FUCKING JOKE. I think Will Hill may now be rigged as they got nothing to lose cos they changing sites in a few months. WHAT A FUCKKIN JOKE.

I'm seething.

Better go,

The Real Plato a.k.a. the king of crypto - Platonic_

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Keeping fit and keeping the jacuzzi clean

Ok,i apologise for not posting for a while,but had a lot on my mind,IM ABSOLUTELY FUCKIN FURIOUS RIGHT NOW!!

Before and after a poker grind i tend to have a stroll around the local park,kinda relax and look for some loose women tryin to get fit,a few cheesy comments and they are like a 0898rentawhore,but decided i needed somethin new as i think some of the park regulars think i'm a bit of a weirdo strollin around approachin women all the time.

So,i decide a proper workout is perhaps the best idea and i join a pretty exclusive local gym,i been goin a few days pumpin the iron,swimmin etc and basically having a good time,when all hell lets loose!Im sat there in the jacuzzi discreety staring at the tits of the Italian lookin bird opposite me,when all of a sudden my attention is drawn to someone walkin over to the jacuzzi..ITS A FUCKIN INDIAN!!even worse than that the fucking smelly bastard gets in..WTF?WTF?..i got straight out,went and pumped iron in a mass rage whilst thinkin about what to do...

should i go warn him to leave?do i complain to the management?do i kick fuck outa him?do i kick fuck outa the manager?...all these thoughts are flashin through my head then i decide to take a non violent discreet approach,i get a form for the suggestion box,fill it in with my complaint and post it anonymously.As u all know,im no racist,but i dont wanna be payin good money to be hangin around with fuckin Indians,blacks etc,i dont think thats too much to ask is it?

Surely there should at least be certain hours when these people are allowed in(if they have to be allowed in),then all the water can be changed and the place cleaned etc for when us normal folk are in.Well theyve been warned,ill give it a week or 2 before i go again,and hopefully theyll have sorted out this problem and the good folk can use the facilities safely.

Re: poker,i can safely say im now the best player at £50nl,see u soon Clownia ,Razor etc,im on £100 next month


Peace out all plat fans,fuck off gruffnuts,


Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Christmas shopping

I decided to do my Christmas shopping early this year because of the problems I had when it came to Christmas last year. Some of you will be familiar with the story and to be honest thats in the past now and I'm pretty embarassed about it. Basically around December 10th I went on a really bad run poker wise and didn't have much money to buy my freind and family xmas presents.

So this year I went out and got them all some cool shit to make up for last year. The problem is that I had to withdraw from my poker bankroll to do this, so I will be back at 10p/20p for a while longer.

anyway I'm sure my family will all be thankful to Balti, Gede, 4King etc on xmas day when they open up their presents - YOU FISH PAID FOR THEM ALL!!! HA, HA, HA.

This is the REAL PLAT, for

Fuck the Gruffnuts

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Let me give you boys a poker lesson

Ok,so im now CRUSHING 25p/50p and am moviing up to 50p/£1 next month i see balti has moved up and hope he will stay there, then £1/2 by january.

In addition to my huge poker salary,my poker teachin classes are really taking off now,ive been watchin and advising people over msn(£15/hr),and also started having people comin round to my place and givin them 4 hour lessons for £50(had to turn one gruffnut away as he failed to inform me he was African American,so please take note,I WILL NOT TEACH ETHNIC MINORTIES OR DISABLED PEOPLE),ive also allowed a few people for a reduced fee simply come round and watch me play which has also been very lucrative,its all extra cash and its all TAX FREE!None of my income is goin to the fuckin government i taxes just to give Mr.Patel his fuckin dole money.

Anyone interested in my classes,or indeed if you just wanna pay to meet me(many have!),then come find me at the tables,though ill be puttin full contact and payment details on my new site im workin on very soon,

All the best to my fans and fuck off everyone else,

Platonic_(Best player on Crypto)

Monday, 3 November 2008