Saturday, 28 February 2009



Im shaggin em faster than u can drag em from underneath me at the moment,so only a short post this time.

Ok,so ive had a fall,it happens,ill bounce back in no time at all,any gruffnut who thinks ive lost my skills,just come play me and ill show u who the gruffnut is.

One other thing,ive been asked a few times lately,why do i have such a huge followin from the homosexual/bisexual poker community,well to be honest,i really dont know.I'm actually straight but have occasionally done man on man experimental stuff,but i havent disclosed these activities before.


Fuck off the lot of you,


Friday, 6 February 2009



I've been watchin the higher stakes games a bit lately to prepare me for them(i'll be there by summer),and 2 nights ago,got shock of my life,KOLLEGA sits down at Balmores £500 nl table,sits out for a bit,then leaves.Very suprising.

Anyway,then last night he joins a 6max £500 nl table,and verbally attacks Balmore saying "stop telling everyone how i play" "ok?" "ok?",after several "lol" from Balmore who i got the impression was fallin outa his seat laughin,he states "ive said what i came to say"and left.He also said "i bet u never thought i had £500 in my account did u?"prior to that,which made about as much sense as his 1-dimensional nitty poker play.

KOLLEGA,heres a fact: EVERYONE KNOW HOW YOU PLAY,its legendary,you stand out a mile.You play all pairs and AK and thats it! 9% of hands which i think is the lowest VPIP % on Crypto,and u think people dont notice? IDIOT!

Anyway,back to the important stuff,im winnin like fuck as usual,and Gulkines seems to not be around lately soon as he heard i raised the funs to play him.

Ok,a quick shag then back on the tables,

Fuck u all,