Friday, 6 June 2008

Downswing... guys. I know you have all taken delight in my recent downswing. I know the only reason for this is because you are jealous of all previous success. So lap it up while you can.

I have news for you all....... I MADE £43.50 AND COUNTING!! :D :D

so to all you cocks who have been trying to tilt me with your retarded comments in the chat box and posting fucking stupid HH's on my blog...................... FUCK YOU. I AM UNTILTABLE AND UNBEATABLE.

Godlin........... thanks for the £32.41................... you joke of a player. I heard you have been accusing me of racism.................... I'm not a racist but do you blame me for getting slightly annoyed at not being able to find a job IN MY OWN COUNTRY!!! Thats all I'm gonna say because I don't wanna cause trouble: I suggest you check out this website:
and before any of you politically correct cunts start: DONT BOTHER I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR RETARDED OPIONIONS.

TY AND GOODNIGHT..... the undisputed king of small stakes poker....... our king..... your god...... the one and only real PLATONIC_


Anonymous said...

fuck off and your shit


im new said...

Dealer: Game #7353396304, __jenny__ wins pot ($262) with Three of a kind, Kings, Ace high

try poker for a job you old fool

jpg00 said...

work ? whats work?

jennifear said...

you tried the uni plat? they are currently looking for a janitor.

thats up your street!

Anonymous said...

im gay


Anonymous said...

Platonic_: you are such a **** mozz
Platonic_: how could you call all in with k 3 high
Dealer: Game #7353940454, platonic1 wins pot (£0.95) with A Pair of Kings, Ace high
Platonic_: you had a 16% chance of winning that hand
Platonic_: 31 quid for a 5 pound pot

Anonymous said...

----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to platonic1 [4c Ac]
Platonic_: calls £0.20
Decimus: calls £0.20
platonic1: raises to £1
Ribella: raises to £1.80
msoza96: folds
Platonic_: calls £1.60
Decimus: folds
platonic1: calls £0.80
----- FLOP ----- [2d 7h 3c]
Ribella: bets £1.80
Platonic_: calls £1.80
platonic1: calls £1.80
----- TURN ----- [2d 7h 3c][Ad]
Ribella: bets £14.37 and is all-in
Platonic_: is all-in £14.20
platonic1: folds
Returned uncalled bets £0.17 to Ribella
----- RIVER ----- [2d 7h 3c Ad][Kd]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
Ribella: shows [Kc Ks] (Three of a kind, Kings, Ace high)
Platonic_: shows [5d 5s] (A Pair of Fives, Ace high)
Ribella collected £37.62 from Main pot
----- SUMMARY -----
Total pot £39.60 Main pot £37.62 Rake £1.98
Board [2d 7h 3c Ad Kd]
Seat 1: Ribella (small blind) showed [Kc Ks] and won (£37.62) with Three of a kind, Kings, Ace high
Seat 2: msoza96 (big blind) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 3: Platonic_ showed [5d 5s] and lost with A Pair of Fives, Ace high
Seat 5: Decimus folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 6: platonic1 (button) folded on the Turn

platonic_ said...

who is the cheap imposter platonic1?

i am the king of the £20nl

Anonymous said...

you're a fuckin nutcase,get psychiatric help before its too late,
David Icke

Anonymous said...

anyone know the password for the bisexual freeroll?

Anonymous said...

we are currently the biggest gobshite arseholes on the site,even worse than platonic_
platonic1 and stringo

PS we are gay too

jenka said...


Anonymous said...

im gay,

__sp__ said...

Seven days into june and ballsack is up a silly £43 ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa.
Fuck platonic you really do crush these games ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
You dont have a clue, not one fucking clue about nl poker.
Please stay at £20nl so we can all get our pound of flesh of you ha ha ha ha ah haA H ha ah aah ahahahahahah

Oi and lift up that dog shite you little chelsea headhunting little bastard

WStrutt said...

i love you platonic!!


CollusionKing said...

Dealer: Game #7319207624, Tevez_bit wins pot (£0.48)
Claudia27: got a mate who comes and plays these stakes sometimes
Claudia27: he sat at my table.... 20 min later he has a £160 stack
Claudia27: he played like 60/25
Ben100410: omg
Ben100410: who was it?
Dealer: Game #7319207734, Tevez_bit wins pot (£0.65)
Claudia27: Kei247237487
Ben100410: big something?
Ben100410: oh
Claudia27: random numbers

Yeah i know you have a MATE, and i BET he SAT at YOUR table.

My Seat Is Open said...

Wanna see Claudia27 stats for 100k hands? Check it out here.

Check out claudia the arrogant bastard slagging off a worker in his post about his local bookies. I mean who the fuck does he think he is? This is actual post he put on well known poker forum.

i love my poker site:

print off a voucher for however much i want and take it to one of the 3 shops that are all within a 2 minute walk from me. i get the money in cold hard cash. i get it in my hand, count it, say thank you very much to the moron behind the till and then walk out past all the degens who are betting on the horses. then i put it in the bank which is directly opposite the shop and it goes in instantly.

claudia said...

lol stalkeraments

morphism said...

thats just about as good as platonics.

£1300 for 80days grinding average £16.25 per day.

keep it up and you might be playing with me on 50p £1 in 6 years time.

Anonymous said...

money doesnt buy you happiness!

but it buys a big yaught and you can pull up right beside happiness!!!

Anonymous said...

yaught speeled correct? ok big boat with sails

jenny said...


Amatay said...

ahahhahahahahah, this is turning into one of my favourite blogs. Keep up the good work platonic

houchen1 said...

amatay sucks eggs and is gay

Platonic_ said...

hi amatay,

thanks for the compliment, i like your blog too :) :)

Platonic_ (ON TILT)