Monday, 2 June 2008

Ha ha ha... Clownia27 gets owned

Ok so maybe not that great a day at the tables but I don't really give a shit because I owned this calling station Clownia27... or should it be Call-ia27????

----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Platonic_ [8d Ad
drunkedsh: folds
Claudia27: raises to £0.80
Platonic_: calls £0.80
tomacdc: folds
Rebelsrog: folds
----- FLOP ----- [8h Kh 8c]
Claudia27: checks
Platonic_: bets £1.20
Claudia27: calls £1.20 -----> she calls me with A high on the flop
----- TURN ----- [8h Kh 8c][As]
Claudia27: checks
Platonic_: bets £3
Claudia27: calls £3 --------> hit the A and calls again! what a fish!
----- RIVER ----- [8h Kh 8c As][Th]
Claudia27: checks
Platonic_: bets £5
Claudia27: calls £5 ---------> and to top it off she calls the river! you see where the name clownia comes from??? wtf wtf wtf does she even beat????
----- SHOW DOWN -----
Platonic_: shows [8d Ad] (A Full House, Eights full of Aces)
Claudia27: mucks hand [Ac 9d]
Platonic_ collected £19.29 from Main pot

Then the very next hand she GOES ON TILT and gives her money away to me - I make a killer read that she is on tilt and call with JJ.

----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Platonic_ [Jd Js]
Claudia27: raises to £9.90 and is all-in
Platonic_: calls £9.90
tomacdc: folds
Rebelsrog: folds
drunkedsh: folds
----- FLOP ----- [8c 8h Jc]
----- TURN ----- [8c 8h Jc][3c]
----- RIVER ----- [8c 8h Jc 3c][Tc]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
Claudia27: shows [Ac 5c] (A Flush, Ace high) ----> LOL A5... FISHIA27
Platonic_: shows [Jd Js] (A Full House, Jacks full of Eights)
Platonic_ collected £19.10 from Main pot

Anyway jpg00... noone cares if I just blew £60 it's only a drop in the ocean of what I will make this month!!

Untill next time. Cyaaa


Tevez said...


Anonymous said...

a "killer read" with JJ pf?no such thing to someone all in on,especially if he was on tilt.

you're an idiot,you seem to think that when you get dealt a monster hand,you're brilliant when it wins.

you really are a nutcase,every post you make you talk absolute bollocks

Anonymous said...

Hi,i know nothing about poker Platonic but can you please let me know where these parks etc are you hang around in harrassin females,so i can make sure my kids dont go there,

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it,this is Platonic bein rivered in his last job,


Anonymous said...

im gay can i enter the platonic bisexual freeroll?Borejaws

Bubblibub said...

Fuck you Platonic, get of crypto you're ruining my action you fucking shark.


__Sp__ said...

Come and play now you pirce of shit!

Loveu bigtime


Anonymous said...

there was a first timer on today and even he was better than this asshole plato,by Wotnoaces

1outder said...

was it 1out1der? hes a first timer.

coming on here and kidding on about spelling etc.

1out1der im gonna knock the shit out of you at your next gay home game!

ok ty

Justin003 said...

Dealer: Game #7319056864, Justin033 wins pot (£28.62) with A Pair of Aces, Queen high
Justin033: sods law
Platonic_: i fkin hate aa v kk

Opps the Platonic got stacked!

TY you just got pwned!


Anonymous said...

im gay,

Anonymous said...

lol at slagging people for winning an AA v KK 8-)

Claudia27 said...

Funny stuff Plato... almost as funny as this hand...

----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Claudia27 [3d 6s]
drunkedsh: folds
15ti1000: folds
Alan61: folds
Callu0801: folds
Platonic_: calls £0.10
Claudia27: checks
----- FLOP ----- [Ks 4d 6d]
Platonic_: bets £0.40
Claudia27: raises to £5
Platonic_: raises to £16.95 and is all-in
Claudia27: calls £11.95
----- TURN ----- [Ks 4d 6d][8h]
----- RIVER ----- [Ks 4d 6d 8h][6h]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
Platonic_: shows [4c Kh] (Two Pairs, Kings and Sixes, Eight high)
Claudia27: shows [3d 6s] (Three of a kind, Sixes, King high)
Claudia27 collected £32.59 from Main pot

Claudia27 said...

Justin033, I'm stuggeling with my game and I think I need the help of a top player.

Can you explain your thought process throughout this hand?

----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Claudia27 [Ad Ah]
Justin033: raises to £1
miky55: folds
Claudia27: raises to £3
Paganace: folds
jacketch: folds
Justin033: calls £2
----- FLOP ----- [2s 9d 2h]
Justin033: checks
Claudia27: bets £3.50
Justin033: calls £3.50
----- TURN ----- [2s 9d 2h][4h]
Justin033: bets £3.25
Claudia27: calls £3.25
----- RIVER ----- [2s 9d 2h 4h][Jc]
Justin033: bets £9.48 and is all-in
Claudia27: calls £9.48
----- SHOW DOWN -----
Justin033: shows [4c 4d] (A Full House, Fours full of Twos)
Claudia27: shows [Ad Ah] (Two Pairs, Aces and Twos, Jack high)
Justin033 collected £36.92 from Main pot

justin033 said...

yeah your reraise was too small pf.

continuation bet was too small .
i then take the lead so you should know your beat as i am tighter than platonic. socrap call turn and river.

tip: dont fall in love with ace ace.

ok ty im gay


email me at

loser18 said...

i googled poker tips and it came up with this shit.
wot a friggin joke.

please add some for me pratonic_

im new and homosexual


Anonymous said...

Just what the fuck is this site some tit sent me to,

Anonymous said...


Or more to the point,heres Platonic replyin to someone on their blog:

Platonic_ said...
mate i know what your going through. only got £900 profit this month, cant wait untill rake back.

just a cheeky shout out for my blog. im also flirting with the idea of starting a poker school to people new to the 6MAX NL game where i will teach them how to crush the game like i do. I may charge a small fee but nothing major. give me a shout anyone intrested.

8:49 PM

Just what exactly can you teach?How to win £345 at tables for 200 to 300 hours play in your "best ever month"and how to win a grand total of £45 the previous month?

Anonymous said...


Plato teaching poker!!!!!!!

For me,ive seen him play regular abd firmly believe he has nothin to teach and even if he did,i wouldnt go anywhere near that weirdo.

Anonymous said...

We are interested,how much per hour Plato?

Bubblimub,Guilkines and Skier_90

Anonymous said...

think that just proves even further how thick you are,lets say hyPATHETICly that u do "crush the game"(which i know u dont),why teach your opponents so u can no longer beat them and have to put even more hours in shit shovellin for the upkeep of that caravan u live in?

Anonymous said...

Ok,it costs around £100 or so for a night out on the piss,or maybe go see a band or somethin.If i can spend a night attending a poker class with Platonic_ lecturing for cheaper than that,fuckin hell,count me in.

Seriously,can anyone think of anythin funnier than attendin such a class?

Are we allowed to video the class and put it on You-Tube?


Anonymous said...

so long as im not the only straightlord there,i will come.

Gulkines said...

Can i join your class? Id be interested in some poker theory from your perspective.


Anonymous said...

the guy is fukin nuts

Anonymous said...

and yet another month begins where Plato fails to stick to his threat/promise to move up in stakes.

what happened to "ive tested the water down there on 25/50p and £200 a day is piece of piss,i'll be there next month",that was months ago

can u please stick to this promise as everyone else is plannin to follow you

PleaseColludeWithMe said...

Anyone interested in a collusion operation to relieve plat of his BR ?

Anonymous said...

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