Tuesday, 30 September 2008

time to start making some SERIOUS cash


This is my final day on 10p/20p,tomorow i start 25p/50p.,although im actually considering missin that level out and headin straight to 50p/£1 to rip Razor666 apart,i know i have the beatin of him by a long way,

Peace out to all you Plat fans and a huge fuck off to the losers,the disabled and all u foreign fucks who mean i cant get a job in my own country,but nevermind cos my poker earnings gonna escalate like mad now,

Platonic(King of Hold Em)

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Poker Experiment Results


So after over a week of me playing on my chum Mzosas account and him playing on my account some interesting results have been found.

It turns out that over the last 9 to 10 days both of our accounts were rigged against us. We therefor conclude that the only wasy to win whilst playing poker (£20nl cash tables) is to get a good rakeback/bonus deal. Luckily for us both of us have good rakeback and the usual will hill bonus so we can keep playing for a living even through these though times of the credit crunch.

It was interesting to see that the broke joke that is Claudia27 was back down playing the £20nl tables today after she attempted to move up firstly to £50nl then £100.... lol she got completly crushed by razor666.... I really respect his game. JPG is still stuck down at £20nl playing against morons like me and houchen1. 15ti100 is getting crushed at $500nl by comonaces and that nut jog THE2JETS. All I know is that I'm a far better player than them and when hills de-rigg my account (will be happening soon cos i emailed asking them) I will be moving up to £50 then £100 then £200 in a matter of weeks.

If anyone has any doubts about my ablitity ask Loser18 as he got owned by myself of several occasions when he bust his roll and had to come play £20nl with me.

It's just a matter of time before I am raking in the money,

This is the real plat signing off,

All you gruffnuts out there go fuck yourselfs,

Especially all you tourney donks like THE2?JETS, AMATY and all you other muppets...

The man..... YOUR GOD....


Thursday, 11 September 2008

poker experiment

hey gruffnuts, i've been getting raped at the tables recently and ive been doing a lot of thinking.

what if 2 good players (friends) with different styles, one being in a downswing, an the other being on a heater, switch playing accounts. would this prove that maybe variance and bad play affects?

saying the player on a heater would experience the downswing the other player has, or not?

i have decided to switch accounts with mzosa for a week and see what happens. i think my account might be rigged for a while but he tells me im being stupid.

time will tell and i will report back next week after the experiment.

bye fish

Saturday, 6 September 2008

the time has come

Hello to my ever expanding fanbase and a warm welcome to the gruffnuts and losers too.Well the time has come,I AM MOVING UP TO 25P 50P NEXT MONTH.To be honest im gettin bored of the EASY money from gruffnuts like Jenka and Rryan1970,those losers can fight those losers stakes out between themselves now,the skys the limit for your hero Plat now and the regular gruffnuts at 25p 50p who have doubted my ability as a very serious player are in for serious trouble.I wil absolutely race through the £50 tables with a stack of £25 each table ,so idiots like Razor666,Claudia and Loser18 best start lookin over their shoulders cos PLAT MEANS BUSINESS and i will be on their £100 tables by Xmas at the latest.Ive played you all before and you know how good i am,you just take the piss outa jealousy and your own insecurities but deep down u know i will murder you.

Loser18 your headin for a huge fall.But just for now its Balti,Gamlbeag who have the most to fear,those gruffnuts and the other regs there are my bankroll for the next stage.Cant wait for razor666's money,the more tables he plays the richer i get,hes useless,ive nothin to fear at any level.

10p/20p is just so dull now,not even a challenge anymore,my win rate is probably about double the next best players rate.My professional pride wont allow me play here any longer.

Still ive made an incredible livin mainly off Jenka and Ryan1970,how on earth those jobless Manc and Scouse gruffnuts can still afford to play is beyond me.

Watch this space,your hero is coming of age.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Paintballs Coming Home

I think some of you gruffnuts should watch this video -

It's by a band named Half Man Half Biscuits and they have developed a cult following amounst all the £20NL regs on crypto. Every time I get a bad beat I listen to one of their songs and it always puts a smile on my face. Just giving something back, hope you all enjoy it.

Love you lots,

Platonic_ (a bit stoned)