Friday, 20 November 2009

Plat strikes back!

Hi guys just a quick post to tell you all about how much money i have won and how fucking bad you all are. So the real king plat made his return to william hills 2 weeks ago with the money that he had been saving up from the council job (not picking up dog shit). deposited £200 and have turned that into well over £900 (including rackback).

That just shows you how pathetic you all are, you come on here and try to have a pop at the king... well i just gotta say.... if you come at the king, you best not miss.

check this shit out!

if i keep this up i think i might get my own place and move out from my parents house, does anyone know any lawyers or people who offer mortgages to poker playrs??

i see a lot of fish these days playin in a rediculas fashion tryin to stack the world famus Platonic. just a message to you fish cunts - you dont scare me fucking bring it on i'll bluff you on the river every day of the week cos you aint got the stones to call you bitches.

fuck the lot of you i dont even like my own blog any more

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

My new setup

Hi guys not posted in a while, just been too busy owning people on William Hiils, been playing some other sites as well. Made a fucking lot of money.
anyway onto my poker set up...

I have two custom built poker monitors. As soon as action is needed on a table, the table pops up and my monitor is touch sensitive. All I have to do is touch the screen in the appropriate location and I will call/fold/raise. I wear a headset and my voice recognition software can also recognize my voice in order to perform the appropriate action and bet amounts.

A background custom built program continuously runs scans of tables and adds me to waitlists automatically once a table meets predefined criteria. This program will also automatically sit me out of tables once the predefined is no longer met. Sometimes with the screen touch method, my eyes start to hurt from looking at the screen, so I use other software to play with only a keyboard or controller

I find that controllers are much easier to use than joysticks. I also have a third monitor that's not custom made, but it serves a large purpose. Whenever I voluntarily put $ in to the pot in any hand, my software will recognize that and mirror that table onto this third monitor which is mounted on the wall directly above the other two monitors. That way, I can see all of my important hands on that screen while folding my other hands. Once the hand is over, my software will recognize that and remove it from that monitor.

Hope everything is clear.