Sunday, 5 July 2009


Hi RakeTheRake,
My name is Platonic_ from , im sure you've heard of me,im a well established and respected regular on the Crypto network at 10p/20p NL.My blogs readership is huge and its linked to many of the bigger players blogs,its a sign that they see an up and coming pro in the making.You will see plenty of jeolous comments on my blog,i recieve lots of abuse,but this is blatantly down to jeolousy of my ability. Anyway,ive been offered several deals of sponsorship,which i havent accepted as yet as many have come from firms i disrespect and from various gruffnuts i wont deal with.Ive selected a shortlist of sponsors i will deal with and am pleased to say you are one of them,the fact that you are scousers based in Liverpool isnt a problem with me or my family. So,£10k a year and ill plaster your logo all over my site? Are u interested?Im givin u 1st choice but be quick cos theres plenty of others waitin,