Thursday, 12 June 2008

New account

I'm thinking of getting a new account with a different username because of all the abuse and threats I'm getting at the tables.

also i think my Platonic_ account my be rigged as so far this month i have only had 2 winning days. i not gonna lie times are very though at the moment.... im considering selling the caravan. any offers?


EvertonYorkie said...

TBH what do you expect? You make fun of people all of the time and then start crying when you get a bit of abuse for acting like a twat?

Don't dish it out if you can't take it.

jpg00 said...

i will swap a new set of lada window wipers for your caravan platonic.

if interested email me

saltyace said...

2 winning days platonic?

thats good compared to my 0 days

Anonymous said...

Yes,Platonics new account gonna be so damn hard to identify,its almost like Kollega coming back undercover and not being recognised for his pairs and AK starting hands only,the nitty bastard,

Crackho said...

we'll just abuse u here anyway...forever

Houchen1 said...

Plat, sad to here about your downswing. If you like I can give you a few lessons. Lesson 1 will involve explaining why its EV+ to call down with any 2 cards in a raised pot.

spudsalad said...

hi plat i will trade my whole roll for your caravan. currently its £0 but im hoping to get some over due rake back. Thats why ive not been seen mixing it up lately at 20nl.

Platonic_ said...

Any serious offers please?

evertonyorkie - you might be right... maybe i have abused some people a bit much........ OR MAYBE YOUR JUST A MORONIC CUNT THAT DOSENT HAVE A CLUE.

EvertonYorkie said...

I don't think I'm the one w/o the clue pal. Judging by some of yuor hands.
Who taught you to play poker? They tell you it's +EV to check when last to act with the nuts?

Also in your first post you claim to be a full time player? Good to see you have the bankroll and are playing at the stakes to back that statement up!!!!

It's one thing lying to yourself, but lying to a bunch od poker degens who you will never meet and who don't give a shit about you, so you can try and earn some respect is a bit sad.

Want my advice? Go out get laid and never sit down at a computer again.

Oh and name your stakes HU.

Patterson7 said...

6 cans of tennants super lager for caravan plat?

evertonyorkie said...

i would like to openly declare im a gay gobshite wanker!

ok ty

1out1der said...

sorry everton my gay house game is full at the moment will you be substitute?

CollusionKing said...

Serious Offer :

£750 for the Caravan.

But if you can deliver it I'll let you off with only paying me £700.

Anonymous said...

What do u mean times are very THOUGH ? I don't get it.

JUSTIN033 said...

i WILL be playin this weekend,

Claudia27 said...

Hey Plat Claudia27 here, id offer you maybe around 1k for it, if you can deliver. Your caravan would be like a brand new house compared to the council area in the west of scotland where i currently stay.
Im playing poker to find a better life and life without alkies and smack heeds on every street corner. With your caravan i can travel the world (ok great britain) and view the glorious sites like the lake district, alton towers,the london eye.

BTW me and 15ti1000 have split up, ive decided im not gay anymore. I want some pussy in my life and i dont mean tiddles the cat.

15ti100 said...

im still gay

EvertonYorkie said...

Do you not think it is even a tad sad to write 15 of the 17 comments on your post yourself.
Also you seem to fantasise about gay people a lot. You hiding something from us?

Hugs and Kisses


Platonic_ said...

wtf you on EvertonYorkie?

why would i do that?? lolololol

just cause noone reads or comments your blog no need to take it out on me you sponge!!!


keep dreaming you tube

YesYouAre said...

you ARE being colluded against. Deal with it.

jpg00 said...

yeah go back to your own bog evertonjunkie.

this is an exclusively gay blog str8lord.

you thick cunt platonics comments are blue its me that leaves all the posts. 100% all mine

ok ty

im 100% gay

spudsalad said...

15ti100 is claudia im sure.

both gay wankers anyway who gives a fuck.

Lowfields said...

you ARE being colluded against. Deal with it yesyouare!

im captain clollusionist ok the gay willhills team.

ok ty

1out1der said...

in yer glasgow slums you rake in the buckets for something to eat, you find a dead rat and youthink its a treat in yer glasgow slums.

blondie website? said...

keep dreaming you tube

Gaz Billingham said...

Nice to see Karma has finally caught up with u u useless two bit cock nose.

Sir Sir all the bigger boys are picking on me because i run my mouth and dont have the skills to back it up, sir sir please tell them just because my mouths writes cheques my ass cant cash they think its ok to have a pop back sir sir tell em its not fair sir sir plz

Get a life moron

Gaz Billingham said...

Oh and by the way cock nose im still waiting to hear back from you about this heads up for rollz?

Anytime this side of christmas would be nice i fancy adding another 2p to my collection

Kirby the German Roofer said...

platonic got a big winky, i seen it lads!!

platonics dad said...

im the biggest gobshite on hills and would like to openly declare i wear womens underwear when i play online poker.

ok ty

im also a regular at 1out1ders gay home games.

email me

Anonymous said...

I am human and i need to be loved,just like everybody else does,
Stephen Patrick Morrissey

Piranha said...

you are all welcome to sort out
your differences in the UKRAKE.COM
Interpoker $1000 + $100 bounty for
knocking me out freeroll on Sunday
at 6 p.m. - it's in the Lobby now
MPP / Restricted tab

Platonic can create a new id there
and make some new friends as well
as win some much needed cash !

They will email you the password
if you join up
no need to deposit unless you want
to but there's only a few entries
so far, so good value


Anonymous said...


Gaz Billingham said...

Keep dreaming son keep dreaming

Gaz Billingham said...

Hahahaha smashing it up eh?

Thats why when i watched u the other day son u were sat at 4 tables for a good 2 hours and were still at ur starting stack, thats some good game u got there u pleb!

paterson7 said...

----- RIVER ----- [4h 10c 2c 4s][8c]
LucNilis: checks
Platonic_: checks
----- SHOW DOWN -----
LucNilis: shows [10s 10d] (3 of a kind 10s, Eight High)
Platonic_: shows [4d 4c]] (Four of a kind, Fours, Eight high)
Platonic_ collected £333.5 from Main pot
lucnilis had a f/h u wanker not trip 10's u mug get a life u sad fuck

jpg00 said...

it was quad 4's ten high u cheating retard lots of love jpg00

spudsalad said...

Thats why when i watched u the other day son u were sat at 4 tables for a good 2 hours

are you really that sad and bad gaz boilingham?

get a job you twat!!

Kirby the German Roofer said...

spudsalads dead not broke. giv the guy sum respeck.

justin033 said...

im new



Strutty said...

My brother WStrutt announced he was gay on this blog,i want to make sure people understand that i (Strutty)am not him,and definitely NOT gay,but i am bisexual


Justin033 said...

I will be playing tomorrow




Lesley011 said...

sit on your elbow dbbarrell no need to be so rude.

ok ty


15ti1000 said...

justin033 autobiography coming out soon on a sheet of a4 paper at a good bookshop near you on monday.

mechrisuk said...

bi sexual freeroll tonight 6pm inter poker.

be there or be square. all the regulars will be.

im gay