Sunday, 15 June 2008

gay bilingham


Ok, i know Ive had my critics, but this bilingham twat takes the cheesy biscuit. I meen wtf wtf wtf. I dont know what the fuck he does but i know one thing, he is obsessed with my poker skillz. Only 2 days ago he admitted watching me for 2 hours to try and learn a thing or two about the game i CRUSH. He said 2 hours but i reccon it was alot longer.

He idolisises losing players. ie, AMAGAY , BLUESCOUSE

He slams winning players. ie, Platonic_

I meen wtf wtf wtf with a name like gay bilingham your just born to be a twat. You can threaten me all you want but at the end of the day we will probably never meet and what you dont know is i am a black belt in Karate. A fact few people know about as i dont like to boost as I pride my character on being a Modest Honest chap.

Now ive dealt with that piece of shit.

Id like to announce, Im considering moving up. I meen Ive outgrown 10p20p and beating that game every night is just boring now. I dunno if i should go to 15p25p or just dive in a the deep end at 25p50p.

also alot of the fish have left the 10p 20p tables, ie, fudsalad, _jeny_, shitfields, Jpoofg, 15ti10


JUSTIN033 said...

Ill read this when finished this session(probably a week on Friday)

jpg00 said...

Yeah,im currently in a 7-star hotel in Dubai,
thanks for payin for it,

Taffer said...

Platonic, I have played on the same table as you numerous times on crypto I remember PWNING you a couple of times which amused me tremendously.

Btw great blog! Whats so hilarious about is that people can't see that you're taking the piss completely! GL

R.I.P.MY LOVE said...

__jenny__ died you fuckin wanker. do you not read your own fuckin blog you piece of shite. you talk about threats. no fuckin wonder.
you mention jenny 1 more fuckin time and you better start wearing a vest.

you have made me mad.

r.i.p. my love said...

black belt in karate fuckin snake belt in poker you useless piece of shite.

you think london is so big eh?

Stephen Patrick Morrissey said...

It took a tattooed boy from Birkenhead to really really open her eyes

Justin033 said...

im playin today(Monday)

wtf wtf wtf said...

pratonic doesnt read his own blog!

love it said...

btw a string vest! oh you already wear a string vest, dungarees , baseball boots and make-up.


ok ty



sledge13 said...

Wow you are amazing...

tevez_bit said...

i have the largest penis on Crypto

justin033 said...

im playin tomorow

platonic_ said...

i first heard that in 1967 justin. it wasnt funny then either dude.

houston you have a problem.

its just not worth it mate!

Anonymous said...

your caravan is shit,just like you,

1 out 1 der who this is said...

the milky bars are on platonic_

justin033 said...

im playin today,just the 18 hours or so,as im busy

WStrutt said...

is justin03 playing tomorow?

Anonymous said...

"Ok, i know Ive had my critics"
I wonder why?

"he is obsessed with my poker skillz"
Fiction can be facinating.

"about the game i CRUSH"
Crush!!! .10/.20 LOL

"what you dont know is i am a black belt in Karate."

Well I'm sure that has a few people worried!!

"i dont like to boost"

We've noticed that!

"I pride my character on being a Modest Honest chap."

Pity you are neither

"I dunno if i should go to 15p25p or just dive in a the deep end at 25p50p."

.25/.50 deep end!!! You are one sad deluded fuck.

Have a nice day :-)

Anonymous said...

typical anonymous post you gay wanker .

im new

ok ty

Areisha said...

i logged in at 9.47am and Justin033 WASNT playing,anyone know how he died?such a shame

Anonymous said...

well hes on now.

Platonic_ said...


loyalfan_ said...

hi platonic ive waited lond enough for your expert theory on the 3/4 buy in policy.

would you please explain it please.

one god king of the £20nl

i will be most upset if you dont reply as im an avid fan of your blog.

thanks again m8

__sp__ said...

im a gay cok


fowksey said...

hes too scared to lose a buy in,thats the reason,although he did post on someone elses blog its cause he can "double up quick without anyone noticin"

wtf that means ive no idea,but then again,i reckon neither has he,hes just an idiot

Areisha said...

with A Straight, King high
Dealer: Game #7478530654, Mat110840 wins Main pot (£36.53) with A Straight, King high
Dealer: Game #7478530754, Platonic_ wins pot (£1.81)
Areisha: so fkin sick, retards
Platonic_: m8 you gettin it bad but chin up and dont tilt
Tevez_bit: your a di ck head arisha u deserve it
Dealer: Game #7478530824, Dylondog wins pot (£8.84) with A Pair of Queens, King high
Areisha: lol. ty for the kind words sir

Why the fuck would i take advice from that fuckin lunatic?

lindapooh said...

because you secretly like him areisha?

im the most bi sexual player on hills.

if your female dropme a line in chat box maybe we could get some girlgirl action babe.


1out1der said...

camp blog camper van camp caravan

camp chat camp poker

i love julian clary

ok ty im still gay


pokerseed said...

platonic are you proud of this blog?

do you secretly like the regulars abusing you?

are you really as shite as they claim?

will you come to my gay home game next week?

Amatay said...

I want your bum

Anonymous said...

If you're going to go up in levels what is your bankroll? That is number one consideration since, according to you, you are crushing the current limit your at. Do you have 200 BI? What?

my inheritance from __jenny__ said...


Anonymous said...

Platonic have you tried this ? Its an automatic program that makes you money on the horses without you being at your computer. I just made 4k in the first month !!