Sunday, 28 December 2008


Hi Gruffnuts,

Ok so times are changing,the new year is almost upon us and Crypto is breakin up,its shame as ive earnt a huge salary here,but on the other hand,i am confident i can beat any game any level.

Now,apparently we wont get rakeback on ipoker,well thats fine with me,i can beat the game without it.My only worry is the weaker players might not be able to survive without it,so if the current regs like loser18,razor666,cutefish(poof) bail out,then its all less money for me.

I havent been playin much over the festive period,i been a bit depressed,met a girl on the net,been chattin mths,i sent her the £950 to come over for xmas from Nigeria,and i aint heard a fuckin thing from her since she arrived,she was supposed to be stayin with me til new year.I was in arrivals at airport as arranged and never saw her,she didnt ring/text or mail me,ive checked the flight manifesto and she was def on board..i guess the bitch found some other gruffnut..women eh?I FUCKIN HATE EM!Anyway,i brought home a few hookers last few days to soften the blow and im over her now..and the £950 is fuck all really, 3 days wages maybe at my current level.Im still turnin up at airport check in for her return flite tho,im gonna demand my money back on principal,no one makes a fool of Plat and gets away with it.

Im puttin the prices of my tuition up £5 by the way to £25/hr,im gettin a lot of students so hey,im obviously in demand,so u gonna have to pay for me,

Peace out to all my students,my friends at the tables,and fuck off the rest of you,

Sir Plat

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Away to get drunk

Been grinding £1 stts all fucking day and got no where. 20% fucking rake on thiose thing i think they might be unbeatable as well. FUCKING JOKE


Thursday, 11 December 2008


ok gruffnuts this is plat. u wana know why i'm broke and dont already? log on to my table and ask me. today i plaed 5/10p it was hell. taking a 30p riase serious had bust my balls but hell i need something in my head so i dont go calling 60 pound on a high again. my bankroll can now stand 10/20. by friday i will be back at 25/50 dishing out lessons to the mug punters. nuff respect to all the real players. king plat BACK RULING LOW STAKES POKER

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

£50nl = unbeatable

Hello Gruffnuts,

It's been a while since I made any posts about my poker winnings. This is for a number of resons.

Firstly, I ended up getting caught up in the Crypto Colluding scandal, I had my account suspended for suspicious play. LOL get this they locked my account because I lost a few big pots? WTF? Anyway, I think a few of the colluders were given a 2 week ban and some money was confiscated from them. Send me a message if you wanna know who the colluders were - I don't want to embarrass them on my blog.... but to be honest it's the usual suspects.

The second reason I haven't been writing much about my poker winnings is because... because I haven't won anything. I've analysed my play and looked through all the big hands I have played. I have played perfect poker for 2 months straight and all I have to show for it is a measley £32 profit. I got thinking to myself.... something aint right here.

After discussing this with fellow £50nl grinder Loser18, we both decided that £50 is now impossible to beat because of all the good regs like us.... and the FACT THAT THE RAKE IS £3 EVERY TIME WE SEE A FUCKING TURN CARD. WHAT A FUCKING JOKE WILLIAM HILLS IS.

They charge £3 rake at low steaks like £50nl but only $0.50 at $500nl. I MEAN WTF???


Lucky for me I played so much that I got on average £800 rackback the last 2 months... which keeps the gas fire running.

Anyway gruffnuts... hope you all got your money back from the Crypto Collusion scandal.

This is the Real Plat,
over and out

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Broke Joke Gay Billingham

Gaz Billingham 04 Dec 14:46
Anyone having trouble depositing on Bills?

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

William Hills Broken WTF

WTF is going on??? I wanna play poker is that to much to ask???1 WTF I JUST LOT OVER £600 PLAYING VIDEO POKER FUCKING JOKE I BET ON AA VS 23o AND LOSE £400 VS A STRAIGHT.