Tuesday, 7 October 2008

to all my doubters

this is my pt2 stats for this month. Ive been putting in a sick amount of hands so far. Think Ill wait till next month to move up to 25p50p tho


lesley011 said...

you dont raise enough preflop

1out1der said...

Awful photo shop of obviously filtered results lets see there is:

random grey boxes on white rows that you havent even lined up properly

100% fold BB to steal over 30K hands

17bb/100 winrate with an 8% att. to steal

you winning @ 17bb/100 full stop

I could go on but I'm laughing too much. Fucking hilarious.

bumsex4life said...

I love it up the shitter x x x

Anonymous said...

33k hands at 16.92 per 100 would mean u would have made 5.6k u stupid cunt, and 1 dollar rake for 33k hands, dumb fucker

Anonymous said...

fuck-witted haggis munching twats...grow the fuck up...ginger mongs....

platonic said...

ive told all you gruffnuts and doubters so many times im sick of it,ill play any of you hu for whatever stake i can afford,yet you all bottle it when its time to play so fuck off and eat my shit

jenka said...

I would definitely believe that you could look at those stats and not have a clue what they mean Platonic

Amatay said...

lol, no way u are goin to the CPC, funny if u r thou. nice results btw, move up imo, or play mtt's innit ;-)

Platonic_ said...

I am going to CPC Amatay.

Does anyone know if they spread 10p 20p on the boat? Or is it $0.20/$0.40??

Claudia27 said...

i'm ginger

mrhyde89 said...

Dealer: Game #7977473484, DonW1 wins pot (£0.50)
MrHyde89: hey plat
Dealer: Game #7977473564, Geo3gs wins pot (£1.60)
Platonic_: hey sos for giving you grief the other day
Dealer: Game #7977473674, Geo3gs wins pot (£0.40)
MrHyde89: dw it's fine
Platonic_: cool n1
Platonic_: been on a fkin bad run last 7 days
Dealer: Game #7977473754, DonW1 wins pot (£0.38)
MrHyde89: sorry to hear that
MrHyde89: gl
Platonic_: been outdrawn a stupid number of times
Dealer: Game #7977473914, Andragoog wins pot (£0.40)
Platonic_: went a lil spako started playing bad
Dealer: Game #7977474014, MrHyde89 wins pot (£0.40)
MrHyde89: yeah it happens
Platonic_: man in 2 years i have had nothing like it
Platonic_: monday was 90 up finished 120 down
Dealer: Game #7977474114, Geo3gs wins pot (£0.67) with A Full House, Eights full of Threes
Platonic_: just do nking after donking
Platonic_: smashed 3 fkin mugs
Dealer: Game #7977474364, bsplash wins pot (£0.50)
MrHyde89: damn
Platonic_: woulda maye shoulda smashed the laptop struggled to hold it down
Platonic_: runner runner was the standard
Dealer: Game #7977474554, bsplash wins pot (£2.38) with A Pair of Aces, King high
Platonic_: then you get some fool like vinegar who thinks he got game and i go off the edge


Anonymous said...

Platonic_: i man love pus sy
Dealer: Game #7977474904, Geo3gs wins pot (£0.67) with A Pair of Queens, Ace high
Dealer: Game #7977754144, MrHyde89 wins pot (£0.50)
Platonic_: where u stand on garry glitter jokes
Platonic_: ?
MrHyde89: haha im not too bothered but id be careful in case someone complains lol
Dealer: Game #7977754234, Platonic_ wins pot (£1.40)
Platonic_: ok here go's
Platonic_: whats the difference between acne and garry glitter?
Dealer: Game #7977754334, Geo3gs wins pot (£0.50)
Platonic_: acne waits for pubity before cuming on ya face
MrHyde89: hahaha
MrHyde89: i knew it would involve
MrHyde89: cuming on ur face
MrHyde89: but couldnt figure it out haha
Dealer: Game #7977754474, Andragoog wins pot (£0.38)
Platonic_: obvious ones are the best
MrHyde89: yup
Dealer: Game #7977754594, Andragoog wins pot (£0.57)

justin033 said...

platonic,cant find you on the adultfrindfinder, can you add me as a friend?

i have username: SOSOSOSOSOGAY

Anonymous said...

plat u really are the worst player ive ever seen!! stop bigging ureself up and also if u have sooooo much money go buy ureself a wig u bald twat!!! lololololol

Anonymous said...


Nice photoshop skills.

Jenkas Shadow said...

To the scottish wankers who done that PT Picture you're a fucking joke. You couldnt even line up the boxes correctly you fucking dickhead!!! We all know the real Platonic does not write this blog, so how about fucking off you dundee cunts!!!

Anyone who thinks that PT picture is real needs a fucking slap!!!

fuck off scottish pricks!!!

spudsalad@1out1der.com said...

i know jenka and he wouldnt abuse his friends!!!! why dont you go fuck yourself shadow?

anytime you want a square go just mail me you prick.

ok ty

im gay