Monday, 13 October 2008

The New Plat

Hey guys,

I've turned the corner in my life.

I have finally reached inner peace with myself.

Bad beats will no longer send me mental (see previous post).

I've started eating a proper balanced diet (no more pot noodles... apart from at the weekend). AND TO BE HONEST MY RECENT RESULTS HAVE IMPROVED SO MUCH. I'm moving upto £50nl next week. I've started working out and have been going the gym twice a day and also going to Thai Kickboxing classes.

I actually met a fellow poker player at the Kickboxing.... lol.... he was there wearing a Pokerstars T-shirt so I knew we would hit it off straight away. We got talking and he plays on the same site as me.... infact sometimes I have watched him play (I really respect his game). We went out after kickboxing on Friday looking for chicks in town (unfortunately no joy) then went home and I watched him playing £200nl. HE WAS CRUSHING.

One thing that struck me was how tight he was.... it was strange... he was only playing like 15% of hands but everyone still payed him off. I was like "WTF". I wasnt the only one who thought this it appears as some dude at the table was calling him a "NIT"??? I dnno what this means but I asked Matthew and he was like "it dosent matter.. that moron dosent know what he's doing".... I was like "WTF?? OK?"... we played side by side till 7am in the morning then he let me share his bed. What a nice chap! To anyone who plays on crypto and was wondering who it was.... the dudes name is Cute_fish. He's a really nice guy and we are going to the pics on Wed night.

To all those saying I "faked" my PT screen shot.... think again you fucking clowns.

I also saw that fat fuck AMAGAY on TV the other night.... what an embarrassment to all poker players he is. A GRADE-A FUCKING GRUFFNUT. That should have been me on the TV.... at least I play real poker unlike that tourney donk luckbox. FUCKING JOKE.

So far this month I have made £721.23 from 10p 20p.




lesley011 said...

omg,plat is playin 3 tables of 25p/50p as i type this,his choice of stack is £40,much higher than i anticpated if he ever moved up.

damn,arranged to go out today but cant miss joinin these games so i just hope my fiance understands we can get married another day instead

Anonymous said...

ZOMG! Plat has 94quid on one table of the world ma!!

Platonic_ said...



Cueist said...

Cueist: platonic your an ill-mannered c.u.nt