Wednesday, 15 October 2008

25p/50p, and Loyal Plat Fans

Yesterday I made my debut at the 25p/50p tables. I was greeted with a warm welcome from the likes of 4_King_I, Balti, Gambleag and the Gede... they are all loyal Plat fans and were pleased to see the great one move up.

I took £30 off Balti when it hit a stright vs his flopped set (he bet flop then check called 2 small bets). Then Gede made a horrible play on another table when he shoved in pre flop with AK... I SNAP-CALLED with QQ and took down a huge £85 pot. On the other table I got a bad beat when my AQ lost all in against a short stack with 44.... Flop 3AQ... turn 8... river 4. I took it in my stride and used the breathing techniques that I was taught at Thai Boxing.

I also played some £5 6 seater Sit n Goes... I got an amazing record at these... Check it out

Anyway I've added a few new things to my blog... all you loyal Plat fans can show your support by becoming an offical "follower".

I'm away to start grinding now. GL me. Going out with Cute_fish to the pictures tonight, should be fun! ;)

Laters Guys


Gaz Billingham said...

Learn to spell you fucking moron

Balti said...

nice to see you on my tables, gl m8