Friday, 31 October 2008


Ok,so im sure you all heard about my fall on 25/50p.,its true,yes i did lose around £1k in the first week,but dont worry cause i realised there was a certain strategy or two i wasnt employing for the change in stakes,i now realise what it is after takin some time playin both 10p/20p and 25p/50p and am now back multi-tabling 25p/50p and mean serious business now,playin close to 100% perfect.I firmly believe the regulars too are giving me much more respect now.I will MURDER this level in no time and am still on for £1/£2 by Jan,maybe Feb at the latest.I'm being very selective of which tables i choose and see Gede and Balti as the easiest players to extract money from,but im not gonna divulge how i'm doin it,these gruffnuts are just way too much ABC and dunno how to adjust to a player of my skills and trickiness.

This will be a major story soon,up there with Loser18's biggest falls(only mine is goin in the other direction),i was down to £13.45 at one point,that will be the turnin point when i write my biography from my swimmin pool overlookin the hills in some exotic location,with tonnes of hookers around me catering to my every need.How will you feel Loser18 and Guilkines knowin that you have paid for that lifestyle,while your strugglin to buy a loaf of bread?

Thank God for online poker,i was headin for a life of crime and jail etc,not really seein my purpose in life,then along it came,my escape and rags to riches story.A story which starts now,cos i been messin around atr gruffnut stakes for too long,im destined for far bigger and better.

To all you Gruffnuts who want me heads up,just be patient,i wanna reach £1/£2 then ill take anyone on at that stake..Feb at latest.

Sorry if i dissapointed my loyal fans with my recent demise but hey,every success is never without its minor hiccups,and im back stronger than ever now,

Fuck off to the gruffnuts,foreigners and losers,

Your Hero,



gede said...


jpg00 said...

I see you're not online,are you out trick or treatng to supplement your poker income?

houchen1 said...

penny for platonic_?

ok ty

Anonymous said...

shut up moron

moron said...

you are only fit to lift platonics from the park and street for the council.

eat my platonic and die!

buymead9 said...

your just a waste of time platonic,no skills at all

__sp__ said...

lmao @ buymead

ok thanx

buymead9 said...

-sp- i have a huge arsenal of skills,if u wanna test me then lets get it on

1out1der said...

your just a short stacked arse you mean.

im seriously gay.

Config said...

im a very tricky player

paterson7 said...

i love gay poker players phoning me during the night.

jenka said...

whats your number mate?

justin033 said...

i would like to congratulate
jimmmy01 who only needs to play 1 more hour this year to break my record for the most hours of poker played in a year,well done jimmmy

Anonymous said...

Cooooster: the hand has gone,but earlier u was slagging off someone when they had 6-7 suited and then u do that
Dealer: Game #8226224914, _finfish_ wins pot (£0.50)
Cooooster: god that was bad.
Platonic_: i know but he called a 5 pound re raise with 67
Cooooster: u called £40 with ace high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dealer: Game #8226224984, Cooooster wins pot (£1.19) with A Pair of Tens, Ace high
Dealer: Game #8226225074, Gambleag wins pot (£0.50)