Thursday, 1 January 2009



I might not be playin for a couple of days,i been shaggin all night and im fuckin knackered,



fowksey said...

who were u shaggin?i assume he is gettin the appropriate counsellin now?

JoppaRoad said...

Nice just watch all the jealous comments start to come in now....those sad gruffnut fck wits....

jenka said...

plat,instertin your penis into your fist and yankin it about isnt "shaggin".Its "masterbating"

Anonymous said...

wish it was my man-pussy you were shagging plat, i need your fat knob in me jizzing deep, thanks.

SirFWALGMan said...

Hope your poker hand heals from 'bating all night long.

msozas dad said...

platonic,can u pls get in touch,my son complained of severe anal pains after "..stayin out all nite and sleepin over at platonics",hes in hospital now in a coma,have u any idea what happened ?


Msozas dad

anneli said...

sorry fellas i will not be at tables next week going to other side of europe to tenerife with my winnings from all the little fishes.

please be there when i come back for my summer vacation.

im turkish tessekurler

ok ty im new


Anonymous said...

Was he good?

Did you do any space docking? Snowballing? Felching? Hard Sports?

Need more details imo.