Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Soft Verges

So I’m walking down the road
And heading towards me
Is somebody I know
But not like a brother
He’s seen me, and we both realise
That we’re going to have to put into operation
The tricky manoeuvre that is
Acknowledgement without breaking stride
So I keep my eyes fixed firmly on the ground
‘Til I get within ten or so feet away
With a nod of the head
And a timely hello
I can carry on walking
Don’t wanna get talking
Rule number one - carry on walking
And anyway I don’t know his name
And if I were to guess
I’d guess it all wrong
And I’d be there for a long time


JoppaRoad said...

a song or just poetry?

Anonymous said...

who are you and what are you doing on Platonic's blog?
Was there a coup? Someone sneaked into the house while plat was beating his meat and posted on his blog?
The world has gone crazy

Anonymous said...

tiny joyce has a retard face

amatay said...

wtf spazzy post, fuck my man-pussy!

Anonymous said...

boring post

I remember when this blog used to be funny

Anonymous said...

no poker post in the last 5........problem with your giro not able 2 redeposit ?

paterson7 said...

theres only 1 rabbie burns now fuck off the lotta ya

if burns was alive he would agree with anonymouse total shit not funny or interesting anymore!!!

update or let it die

1out1der said...

im exclusively gay

ok ty said...

who the fuck is yellow brick road jobby?

Timmy said...

I definetly like the cock and I have one of my own does this make me gay?

paterson7 said...

fuck you timmy come on the rangers we are the people

we are not sectarian we are the uvf!