Friday, 28 November 2008

Razor666 : No jokers allowed

Hi guys, whats up? I've just been crushing £50nl on crypto. This month I've made almost £21,000 (including rackeback). EASY GAME.

Now onto Razor666, I've been taking shots at £100nl and have stacked him a number of times (when he overplays KK). As a joke I put that video up on my blog. He didn't like it. I thought we were mates or at least MSN buddies until tonight when it all kicked off and he started calling me all the names under the sun. Take a look for yourself:

Platonic: hey lee, how u?
Lee (Razor666): fuckin shit
Lee: running like dog shit
Lee: and keep getting disconected when i have AA
Lee: crypto is fuckin joke
Lee: you not been disconnected constantly?
Platonic: no its been fine for me mate
Lee: ive written to them demanding my money back
Lee: what a fuckin joke of a shite
Platonic: you lost a lot of money?
Platonic: lol i stacked you a few times!
Lee: ye im stcuk 6000 the last 2 months
Lee: fuckin rigged software
Platonic: nah mate dont be silly
Lee: fk u
Lee: your a retarded 20nl player
Lee: i dont even wanna speak to u u spastic
Lee: who gave you my email anyway?
Lee: ive had enough of you
Lee: i hope you lose your bankroll and go back to pickin up dog shit
Platonic: i play £50nl infact
Lee: your so bad at poker
Lee: and your blog is a load of shite
Lee: who the fuck do you think you are?
Lee: fuckin twat
Platonic: i thought we were mates?
Lee: not any more, f u


Mr Bump said...

Lee says: i blocked platonic coz im fed up of im bein sarcastic towards me and sick of im takin piss of me on his sad blog

Anonymous said...

sad twat

Anonymous said...

hello razor666 here, ignore all this bullshit everyone its obvious that ain't me....

razor666 said...

ignore the above comment,this is the real Razor666,and yes that chat did happen and Platonic is a fuckin aggrevating bald bearded fuckwit who picks up dog shit

Swedish Ultranationalist said...

LOL @ this

Balti112 said...

Geez , and I who thought Razor666 was a nice guy....

10ut1der said...

no insane chat

peter rodenkrands said...

fuck sweden full of blonde rentboys

ok ty

European Ultranationalist said...

Peter Rodenkrands. Shut the fuck up you traitor. Move to Africa or Bagdad if Europe doesnt suit you, you fucking multicultural mongoloid.

razor666 said...

im not fuckin gay either

the real razor666 said...

for the record im actually celibate,but im here to play poker,not discuss my sex life

razor666 said...


razor666 said...


loser18 said...

is this razors blog now or still platonics?

Anonymous said...

Jord10042: hahahahahahahahahaha
Jord10042: drawing to 6 cards
Platonic_: 7
Platonic_: also 3 and 5 were good so 13
Jord10042: yeye bczu u knew that wen he was bettin 4.50 and u had 5 high lol
Platonic_: exactly
Jord10042: eee oooorrrr
Platonic_: ya fkin nob
Jord10042: ya?
Jord10042: r u black?
Jord10042: you
Platonic_: if ya want
Platonic_: how dd ya ma and pa get on suing durex?
Jord10042: my ma died givin birth to my lil sis so she hasnt sued ne1
Jord10042: shud let my dad know tho
Platonic_: defo
Platonic_: it might stop him staring at the postman and milkman looking for a dumbass
Jord10042: have sum fkin decency u gyro prik
Platonic_: no
Jord10042: u must of had a real up bringing
Jord10042: dumb fkin chav
Platonic_: k!ss my ass you cretin
Jord10042: little pretender get a life
Platonic_: witless moron

akaed said...

im homophobic and racist

akaed said...

im homophobic and racist

akadem1ks said...

i am a total nit like kirov and edugrl

anneli rodenkrands said...

sweden is full of jerks.

in fact scandinavia is total wank.

give me razor666 or balmore anyday you cunts.

fuck off.


fowksey said...

what is happening to the gay poker community when hills and inter break from crypto?

would all the gays please post where they are going.

you know who you are houchen1, 1out1der, bigbigh, jpg00, lesley011, saltyace, claudia27,15ti100 platonic_ etc etc etc

lets get ready for razor!!!! said...

i think it should be razors blog. at least he can play the game and makes money at poker not like the rest of you dumb fucks.

we might even get some poker tips that are useful not like the bollox we usually get.

Anonymous said...

at least he can play the game and makes money at poker not like the rest of you dumb fucks. NOT TRUE

Mombasa said...

Death at ZOG my friends. Open your eyes.
Zionistic Occupation Government.

They are ruling the world......
There are plenty of fantastic documentaries on Jewtube. Check it out!!! Just write New World Order or ZOG. JFK can tell you the truth,

buymead9 said...

sat with £50k IS TRUE

buymead9 said...

oh or are you implying your not a dumb fuck?

Anonymous said...

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