Wednesday, 19 November 2008

BNP Memebers list - I'M NOT SCARED

As some of you who like to keep up with current affairs will have noticed - some fucking sad gruffnut has leaked the list containing all names and addresses of members of the party.

As a BNP supporter of course my name is on that list. I've already had some dodgy phone call from some nig nogs threatening to set my house on fire!

HA HA HA! The joke is on them because I moved out of my parents house over 6 months ago.

So good luck in "coming to get me" there!!! LOL fucking black clowns. It's a fucking disgrace that they come to this county just to try and set the good peoples houses on fire. What a fucking joke.

I think this news story will only increase the BNP's popularity and I think we have a real chance of getting into power at the next election. If all us good guys pull together I'm sure we can free this country of all the skum.

On the poker front - I'm down £600 this week so far WHICH IS A FUCKING JOKE. I think Will Hill may now be rigged as they got nothing to lose cos they changing sites in a few months. WHAT A FUCKKIN JOKE.

I'm seething.

Better go,

The Real Plato a.k.a. the king of crypto - Platonic_


Anonymous said...

You should be scared you racist piece of shit.

cashbiatch said...

Is this a joke? what a serious retard you are. I'm not arsed whether you're racist or not - everyone's entitled to their opinion - even when it's wrong - but you think it's funny you moved out of your parent's house, so you don't mind them getting burnt to death? dik.
While I believe everyone is entitled to their own political beliefs, Can i just put you straight on something that I imagine you are too retarded to understand? Your "party" only gets supported by thick dummies who believe the BNP is all about stopping immigrants. They don't realise the depths of hatred in this party for anyone who isn't white, hence they don't even understand what they are supporting. You'll go far with people like that voting for you.
If you had any point in your manifesto that was believable or true then fair enough but the BNP is a joke, organised by uneducated illiterate idiots who can't see a bigger picture.

1out1der said...

im a black homosexual

walter spliff said...

vote the green party!

Anonymous said...

Illiterate idiots?
NG has a top Law Degree.
Membership doesn't mean you are a 'racist', the word a liberal uses when he is losing the argument.
By stopping immigration, the BNP will likely stop an all-out race and culture war in the future (look what occurred in Fiji my friend!) and save much bloodshed.

The biggest danger to freedom are the Marxist cliques that run our lives at the moment.

Do you 'Liberals' honestly think the Muzzie mob running down your street in future will collectively leave you alone and ignore firing your house "he's alright; leave that house, he is anti-BNP......."


cashbiatch said...

if you could be brave enough to leave a name to back up your views we could take yoru seriously. As it is it just looks like the blog owner anonymously posting on his blog.

If I understood your point I'd reply to it...

cashbiatch said...

PS. Steven Barker - stepdad, torturer and killer of Baby P - supporter of the BNP party. How can you even begin to defend a party that attracts sub-human psychopaths such as this?

buymead9 said...

stick your politics up your arse im loaded and couldnt give a fuck.

this is a poker blog not a propaganda site.

now fuck off or challenge me heads up for your roll.

ok ty

im gay

houchen1 said...

fuck you cashbitch. are you on your periods ya daft cow

go and get your girlfriend to help you get off. you know the one with the moustache and dungarees.

dyke get a life.

kilroy silk said...


from a bitch?

are you a blouselifter biatch?

im the most bi sexual player on hills now go and pollute your on blog with your politics shite.


natedog said...

im an idiot with a 60" plasma and i can see the big picture!

its says your head is so far up your arse you can smell your own gruffnuts.


cashbiatch said...

Been put straight now lol sorry 4 being thick an thinking it was real :(

Raul06021 said...

Keep up the good work Plat. Us spanish nationalist are there covering your back. And as you know we've got our own problems. All these Africans invading our country. Europe is lost..... France , GB , Scandinavia , Spain and all countries are run over...... But the worst thing isnt the immigrants... its these fucking traitors (our own blood) like "cashbiatch" and such who fight against us and a free and prosper society. Sooner or later people must open their eyes and understand that nationalism isnt about hating other races, its about respecting one and other cultures and boundries.

platonic said...

that was precisely my point regardin the jacuzzi,i dont wanna share it with an Indian,isnt that fair comment?i pay enough for my membership,and if it wasnt for our stupid benefits system,that Indian wouldnt even have the money to join such an exclusive health club

1out1der said...

yeah well said i mean the blacks could go in after midnight and clean the fucker when they leave so it doesnt smell of curry and shit for the whites coming in for their mid morning break from poker.

aint no black on the union jack.

ok ty

lesley011 said...

Been put straight now lol sorry 4 being thick an thinking it was real :(


braindoc said...

one of these days,im going to sit down and play 2 hands on a row without sittin out

Peter said...

Hey Plat! I think you and me should introduce our penises to each others rectums, wadda ya say? I think it could be fun, would love to get to know you, all the best, Peter x