Monday, 25 August 2008

crushing the casino

Hello loyal plat fans. Just like to inform you of my recent success at the casino. I was playing my usual £1 £2 stakes when a grufnut started mouthing of at me after i got "lucky", he didnt agree with my usual over shove flush draw. when he called and had a higher flush draw. but he didnt get i still had loads of outs for pairs. i hit a pair of 4's. he wasnt happy.

Anyway I went out to smoke a spliff and thought over the situation. I decided to challege him to £5£10 hu game. He accepted and I went on to OWN HIS ASS. I bluffed him so many times then i played a £2 thousand pound pot and won when my AK defeated his QQ all in pre flop. I then thanked him for the game. cashed out, and got the hell outta there. He said this was bad etiqutte but he can fuk of, i beat him fair and square so fuk you you cunt



Anonymous said...

Plat man I love your bullshit. This stuff's great. Claiming to be winning £2k pots and playing 5/10 HU when you can't take it up to 50 online. Fucking twat. I love it man. Keep the fantasy alive.

sco080821 said...

wot a wanker .. u say u play 8 tables .. blah blah u only play 4 lately with a £15 buy in. ur a poor player goin skint. i respect players like open, jenka, lind, all the 1s who are decent players

casino?? bull shit show some proof u clown

yours faithfully Sco080821.. 10p 20p tbls

Jenka said...

More to the point,when do these evenings take place,you never go out,you're always playin online.

Also,you're paedophile comments are gettin worse and worse,its not acceptable you sick bastard and more people should complain,who the fuck wants to read your filth?

Anonymous said...

Plat you are one self-deluded twat. You haven't the balls to play heads up at 10p/20p let alone £5/£10. I've lost count of the number of time i've suggest a game and you've backed out. You're a fucking idiot and every one knows it.

Anonymous said...

And the paedophile comments are fucking sick. Hopefully it won't be too long before someone kicks your fucking head in for coming out with that kind of stuff. Makes me feel good to have taken so much of you money, you piece of shit.

rryan1970 said...

lol at the idea of this retard playing £5/£10. His life and everything in it isn't worth the cost of the big blind!! Utter bullshit!!

bigpoppa said...

now now brown cow!

ps im gay and wear womens underwear when playing poker!

ok ty

im new

openplan said...

thankx for the compliment sco080821
you play really good too. cant believe that fucker hit is 2 outer on river other night.

well maybe i can its hills.

ps thats a mighty fine blog youve got there not like this peace of shits.

good luck dude

Anonymous said...

how the fuck do i leave an "i love you" message on your blog sco080821 ??

and an invite to houchens gay home game.

ok ty

Anonymous said...

i saw Plats kiddie comments too and thought they were shocking and obscene,its one thing bein an asshole thats relatively harmless,and another thing when comin out with statements findin fun in child abuse

you need help Plat seriously,you're a very sick person

i know you're mad and deluded but i was shocked at those comments,didnt think you were quite that sick

Amatay said...

lol. What casino u play at Plat?

jenka said...

DOnt worry plat I believe you..
wot do the rest of these cunts want as proof? CCTV of the casino?

jenka said...

yes i want to be your friend now plat. lets put the past behind us mate?

i respect your play and believe that your a winning player like me.

i also think your comments are very witty and your short stack strategy is cool. in going to start using it myself.

see you at the tables mate.

good luck to you .

Jenka said...

I just been told about the above posts,i didnt post them,and still believe Platonic_ is a very sick and twisted individual in need of help.

He probably posted those himself

MRPINKS said...

lol, this gets worse....unbelivable!

I need to go to this casino lol

1out1der said...

poor grammar mr spunk!

im gay

1out1der said...

fuck off plat u sick minded pervert shortstack

jenka said...

I didnt post those myself..

jenka said...

I didnt post those myself..

fishyfood said...

plat, plz update ur blog everdays cos its the best thign on da interwebz. it makes me and my friends laugh coke thru our noses!
ur number 1 fan.

rryan1970 said...

Plat, will you be playing later? I'm a bit short of cash and could use your usual assistance. Many thanks!

larken said...

fuck off platonic,you wont move up ever,ive been askin you when for about 2 years now and its always "soon"

openplan said...

why not stick you poker up your fuckin arse.

i got 3 bad beats after moving up you cunts.

lost £150 in 20 minutes .

thats all my winnings away from this week you wankers so watch out im back to 20nl

usual donations will be gratefully accepted