Saturday, 4 April 2009


so i wen4t to casin tonite wenkt to thecasino strsight after the chelsea game todau and was pl,aing my ussal £1/2 game. got FUCKIN RAPED bad bad afeter bad beat. long story shot i lost over 10 buy ins in 45minuite so decide to have a drink tyo try to calm down,,,, pepopoloe at table and up buying me drinks because i wasthinkingofleaving. lolst another 6 buy ins so ive lost the most ever in one day i dunno wtf im gonna do

i came home to try and win it all back online but i got no funds anmd my debit card isnt letting me deposut,,,

i feel online is my game and i have a proven trak recrd of winning online, just dunno if ill have the funds to play with so basically the hole point of this post was to ask anyone out there to lend me perhps £200to400 to get me on my feet, l will play it back ofcourse as quick as i can, when i make just £200 i will pay back the full amount

i know some rich guys sometims read my blog so please give me a chance

ty, im not one to beg but i really need some help right now


Anonymous said...


Balmore said...

suck my balls

Fullflush said...

I wouldnt piss on u if u were on fire, good luck in the freerolls then retard!

Amatay said...

I'll suck ur balls honey x

anneli said...

i will pay you just ask at the tables

Anonymous said...

llllllllooooooollllll fail