Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Live poker story

Went to play my usual low key 1/1 cash game at the Vic last night, trying to avoid the autograph hunters that read my blog.

Live poker is one of the few places i can still let my hair down so to speak. Anway, I sit down and quickly notice a newbie is giving it the big I am splashing his chips around and giviing the staff grief.

Obviously this is nothing new and I think little of it other than to try and stamp my authority on the table with some loose play and a few verbals and banter

Matey boy shows his true colours when not tipping the waitress as she gave him a dirty look when he grabbed her buttocks. She's a good mate of mine so I told him he was bang out order. From another table his mate , a guy who was twice as fat as me, starting to goad me, I want to be your friend PLATONIC etc.
He too, ordered a pint and the waitress's boyfriend made sure his pint had a good "head", lol.

Anyway, bingo bago bongo tight wadd gruffnut is all in and I look down at aces. I slowroll him as Im fuming by now before making the call.

He is so excited he flips up his kings like the newbie he is. I keep my cards covered knowing I just have to dodge a king or diamond on the river to scoop.
The river is a blank but I remember a tip my actor mate, Bepe gave me and told him his hand was good and to pay him up. His face lit , and using all my acting skill i told him I was lying a pulled the monster stack my way showing my bullets.

His gargantuan friend from the other table went bezerk and came waddling over, but his headphones wires caught on his chair in a comedy monment as he still had an old stylee personal cd player (with, would you believe Banarama on it). It was classic stuff, we had such a laugh ripping him to shreds, Banafingrama i ask you!


Joppa Road said...

Nice play putting those two fools in their rightful place.

Any chance of an autograph?


Platonic_ said...

Yeah no probs, I've started charging $50 per autograph though. Hope that's ok with you.

Ant040689 said...

Cheers for the comment on my blog, it was rather civilised and really didn't expect it from you. Sound advice and i may well take it. Can't judge a book by its cover and all that :)

Nice story would love to slow roll a kunt that deserved it.

If u see me at the vic btw, give a gruffnut a shout.

Ten Buy-ins is NOT overrolled....(apparently) said...

Lol plat - honoured to know you've been reading my blog as I've been a follower of yours for quite a while now.

I'll tell you my nickname next time I see you at the Vic (£5k buy in a bit excessive for the £1/1 game though mate - I assume that was you?). I don't really wanna say it because if sharks like Claudia and Balmore read this blog it becomes easy for them to play me.

Please post some strategy advice soon you fucking gruffnut

Joppa Road said...

Thats 10 x my entire roll.

anneli said...

whats with the blue nics you bunch of twats

im new

anneli queen of ladbrokes 65% rakeback

thanx gruffnuts

Anonymous said...

you talk bs prob cause u have a tiny dick you think if u tell lies like pinnochio it will get bigger

Anonymous said...

this didn't really happen, did it?

Anonymous said...

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railings1 said...

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