Wednesday, 10 December 2008

£50nl = unbeatable

Hello Gruffnuts,

It's been a while since I made any posts about my poker winnings. This is for a number of resons.

Firstly, I ended up getting caught up in the Crypto Colluding scandal, I had my account suspended for suspicious play. LOL get this they locked my account because I lost a few big pots? WTF? Anyway, I think a few of the colluders were given a 2 week ban and some money was confiscated from them. Send me a message if you wanna know who the colluders were - I don't want to embarrass them on my blog.... but to be honest it's the usual suspects.

The second reason I haven't been writing much about my poker winnings is because... because I haven't won anything. I've analysed my play and looked through all the big hands I have played. I have played perfect poker for 2 months straight and all I have to show for it is a measley £32 profit. I got thinking to myself.... something aint right here.

After discussing this with fellow £50nl grinder Loser18, we both decided that £50 is now impossible to beat because of all the good regs like us.... and the FACT THAT THE RAKE IS £3 EVERY TIME WE SEE A FUCKING TURN CARD. WHAT A FUCKING JOKE WILLIAM HILLS IS.

They charge £3 rake at low steaks like £50nl but only $0.50 at $500nl. I MEAN WTF???


Lucky for me I played so much that I got on average £800 rackback the last 2 months... which keeps the gas fire running.

Anyway gruffnuts... hope you all got your money back from the Crypto Collusion scandal.

This is the Real Plat,
over and out


Platonic_ said...

As I say message me if you wanna know the names of the Crypto Colluders.

RAZOR666 said...

who are the colluders plat?by the way,theres a rumour goin rpund u lost £765 last weekend at £50 nl,is it true?

loser18 said...

not sure razor,have u any idea?

by the way,where have u been last 2 weeks?

loser18 said...

by the way plat,i dont remember that discussion,all i remember was u moanin and i replied "fuck off".

hope your enjoyin 5p/10p nl anyway

1out1der said...

i didnt hear anythin about the scandal but i did hear cute_fish has been outed as a rampant homosexual(like myself)

goooooood girl said...

your blog is very good......

anneli said...

leave plat alone i was chatting with him tonight and he seems ok to me.

at the end of the day we have all had bad weekends?????????

you show them plat.

who are the cheating barstewards?


patterson7 said...

ok ty

Shelleykvyb said...

not sure razor,have u any idea? by the way,where have u been last 2 weeks?