Saturday, 26 July 2008


I've been reading a few comments and it seems that some of you gruffnuts are accusing me of racism. This is simply not true. I have lots of black friends... one of which is "Eatmynuts". I also know lots of other black peeps who are prutty cool (I have discoved tho black people are very bad at poker - they always seem to play spades to try to hit flushes... i dunno why) (also some of them smell prutty bad at times).


On the poker front I dropped down to 5p 10p and have so far made 34 buy ins today.


Anonymous said...

ROFL, funny stuff mate

Black Panther said...

34 buy ins my cock. Which, incidentally, you can suck. You racist cunt.

Im blick said...

not funny

Platonic_ said...

wtf i played from 9am till 5am the next day (with 3 piss breaks and one shit break) and i made 51 buy ins.

why is that so hard to believe??

i mean im a £20nl reg so moving down to £10nl was a piece ot cake for me with my skills.

and still calling me a racist after me proving im not... wtf wtf wtf

Eatmy nuts said...

i am NOT your mate,now go fuck yourself you arrogant bald racist bastard shit poker playin pervert.

Black Panther said...

"I have discoved tho black people are very bad at poker - they always seem to play spades to try to hit flushes... i dunno why) (also some of them smell prutty bad at times)."

51 buy ins, fuck off. HU4ROLLZ. Dickhead

Tok2dahand said...

im thinkin of becomin gay and would like more information on bein a gay poker player in contempory society

email me:

Wotnoaces said...

For further information on bankroll management,come find me at the tables.

sammyfire said...

im irish yet even im intelligent enough to know platonic_ is a bullshittin bastard

openplan says easy said...

---- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Openplan [Qc Kh]
grimbly: folds
Openplan: raises to £0.60
MrHyde89: folds
Morphism: folds
Loui18128: folds
Platonic_: calls £0.40
----- FLOP ----- [7s 9c Kd]
Platonic_: checks
Openplan: bets £1.20
Platonic_: calls £1.20
----- TURN ----- [7s 9c Kd][Tc]
Platonic_: checks
Openplan: bets £29.73 and is all-in
Platonic_: is all-in £8.56
Returned uncalled bets £21.17 to Openplan
----- RIVER ----- [7s 9c Kd Tc][Jd]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
Openplan: shows [Qc Kh] (A Straight, King high)
Platonic_: shows [Js Ks] (Two Pairs, Kings and Jacks, Ten high)
Openplan collected £19.78 from Main pot
----- SUMMARY -----
Total pot £20.82 Main pot £19.78 Rake £1.04
Board [7s 9c Kd Tc Jd]
Seat 1: grimbly folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 2: Openplan showed [Qc Kh] and won (£19.78) with A Straight, King high
Seat 3: MrHyde89 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 4: Morphism (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 5: Loui18128 (small blind) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 6: Platonic_ (big blind) showed [Js Ks] and lost with Two Pairs, Kings and Jacks, Ten high

Anonymous said...

im new

Roywill said...

Your a piece of shit plat

Platonic_ said...

why all the haters?


farhasbed said...

hate is a very strong word platonic!

you are so full of yourself you actually believe people hate you?

no wonder you cant get a job you thick cunt. jelous is obviously meant to be JEALOUS and you have already had this pointed out to you previously on this blog.

i think people just love ripping into pompous cunts like you because in your head you think your better than them when you obviously aren`t.

now get down the jobcentre they are looking for a shellsuit wearing dog shit lifter.

you know you have the qualifications you wanker.

ok ty.

im new


Anonymous said...

You're a stupid fucking racist cunt.

And a stupid fucking liar as well. 54 buy ins - HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!1

The world would be better off without stupid fucking wankstains like you.

-Sp- said...

You say you dont play many hours a few posts ago.

Ok,when u brokedown your monthly winnings,u said £250 in bonus,thats 5000mpps on Hills isnt it at the time?

For a while i played 8 or 10 tables same level and i didnt hit 5000mpps a month even playin 150 to 200hours a month,you dont play that many tables,you seem to be on 4 mostly.So basically that month,your "best month ever"you made £1400 for at the very least 250hours play,maybe even 400hrs?you really think £4.50/hr at best is worth braggin about?

Fuck off u piece of shit

Jenka said...


Platonic_ said...

sp i respect you game but you must have a pretty crap win rate if thats all you make when you play 500hr months.

i usually run at 21ptbb/100 so i think that speaks for itself.

Platonic_ said...

and eatmynut why the sudden change of heart?

remember on friday night when me and you had a special moment when we both got AA in pre in the same hand and we had a little laugh?? i thought that meant we were mates??? i dont have many mates these days so if you want to change your mind you know where i am (crypto £20nl tables)

Anonymous said...

Have you ever kissed a girl?

-sp- said...

just how thick are u plat?i didnt mention any win rate,i mentioned we can judge how many hours a mth you play by the mpps u earn.

u say u got £250 bonus in a mth,thats 5000mpps,which is even more than 200hrs a mth if you're 8 tablin,you arent so u must be playin far far more,which basically just makes your income absolutely laughable.Your win rate is obviously very bad,more like break even poker,but makin some cash off rake and bonus.

now fuck off

Bogdan1 said...


theres more chance of u havin a friend than u winnin that much

Anonymous said...

So it's proven that you really are not that good at poker and really all you do is grind out money from players equal or worse than yourself which at that level there are plenty of and does not require much skill. And you say you plan to move up the ranks to £1000 nl. ahahahaha you absolute fucking cunt!

It's clear you have nothing going for you in life, I doubt you have any real friends, a girlfriend. You are an internet poker addict at the micro stakes level. That's pretty low, you cunt. You sit hunched over your computer and the only way you can define yourself is through your blog because in real life most people think your a cunt.q

Fowksey said...

"most people think your a cunt.q"

that statement is total bullshit,it should read "EVERYONE thinks your a cunt"

15ti1000 said...

i think its pretty certain now that this cunt is never gonna move up.

he seems delighted with his win rate which is less than the minimum wage,so why would he?hes been threatenin it for about a year now,obviously hes on £20 forever


Anonymous said...

But I thought this blog was like a joke-blog? So plat really is serious about all this?

Just to back up SP's statement, I used to 8 table £25 back when crypto had much better traffic, and in a month of playing full time (perhaps 125 hours or so) I just about managed to make 3000 mpps for 3 x £100/$200 bonuses. If Platonic makes 5000 mpps and only plays 4 tables, he must play a ridiculous number of hours. I mean his life must be sleep-poker-sleep-poker and that's it. I'm not judging the guy, but the maths says that's how it must be for him.

Anonymous said...

When are you people gonna realise this blog is a PISS TAKE, some people are so fucking dumb.

Platonic_ said...

I'm not taking the piss I'm 100% serious about everything I say... well maybe 95% serious. Why would you think different anon fish??

Platonic_ said...

And I don't 4 table all the time, I have been known to play upto 16 tables and have quite a repulation for making sick plays and killer reads.

Jocelyn said...

34 buy ins my cock. Which, incidentally, you can suck. You racist cunt.