Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Hi guys just wanted to show you a few hands from today when I owned some regs. People have been slating my game recently and I feel i need to prove myself.

Here I keep min raising and eventually he spews off his whole stack with just A high card. LOLOLOLOL he called me a fish after as well which is the funniest part LMAO

Table info:

Seat 1: BubbaWashington ($21.20)
Seat 3: TheRealKingPlat%20')">TheRealKingPlat ($53.15)
Seat 5: agent909 ($15.51)
Posts small blind $0.10
Seat 6: brothermouzone ($20)
Posts big blind $0.20
Seat 8: 42Carrotplonker ($20.15)
Dealt to TheRealKingPlat

Preflop: (Pot: $0.30)

RAISE BubbaWashington, to $.70
CALL TheRealKingPlat, $.70
FOLD agent909
FOLD brothermouzone
FOLD 42Carrotplonker

Flop: (Pot: $1.70)

BET BubbaWashington, $12
RAISE TheRealKingPlat, to $3.20
RAISE BubbaWashington, to $5.80
RAISE TheRealKingPlat, to $7.60
RAISE BubbaWashington, to $7.60
RAISE TheRealKingPlat, to $42.15
CALL BubbaWashington, $6.62

Turn: (Pot: $58.07)

River: (Pot: $58.07)


SHOWS BubbaWashington

SHOWS TheRealKingPlat

TheRealKingPlat wins the pot of $75.43

just gonna post one hand just now cos i got some shit to take care of, im thinking of starting up coaching again if anyone is interested?? gimmie a shout anyways laters


Snake Eyes said...

Show me your nips Plat.

Btw, how does the villian bet more in the hand than he has to start with?

SirFWALGMan said...

wtf are you stupid? Why would he not stack off there? He has 10 gadzillion outs 2x over to your pukey queens. moron.

Platonic_ said...

ONMG World of Warcraft YOU NERD

would-be said...

Gotta agree with Plat on this one, SirWALGMan.
40 Years old Warcraft player. Getting a lot of pussy?

razor666 said...


Anonymous said...

thats pretty funny your chuffed to bits at a hand like that. he got it all in on the flop, its standard you absolute fucking cunt. if thats a highlight, your pathetic poker existence must be a slow grind. you never fail to make yourself look like a complete loser, keep it up.