Thursday, 20 August 2020

COVID-19 poker games and CRUSHING again (better than ever)

 Hi gruffnuts long time no see. How is everyone doing in the world wide web?

A lot has changed in the last 8 years. HELLO to all the old school fans of my blog and the (jealous) failed crypto regs. It is funny to me that of all the crypto 25-100nl regs that only I have stood the test of time

I have heard some roumers about these characters that used to frequent this blog and the comments section. First off I have to admit I was wrong about Razer666 - since he quit poker (after losing over 200bi at 100nl) he turned his life around and he has won multiple awards for being the best HerbaLife seller in the midlands area. Respect to this man.

Loser18.... is now a geography teacher. ENOUGH SAID. kollega has apparently switched to double or nothings and has discovered a new strategy of timing out every hand and boring his ooponents to death... he has attracted a lot of hat on the forums for this but i do have to respect his hustle.

Now for the big shot Gulkiness... this man was arrested for apparently planning a terrorist style attack on a casino in sweeden after losing his bankroll at HS for the 100th time. he is serving a life sentence but will probably be out within 2 years because of the shitty criminal justice systen in sweeden.

bluecheek killed himself some time around 2016. (RIP).

 GAZ Gay Billingham is still pretending to be a pro pker player but can be found nightly playing freerolls on sky poker.

and last but not least DALEROXXXU..... he was freeloading from pkrstars for many years (GOD KNOW WHY THEY PAID HIM TO PROMOTE THEIR SITE, I WOULD HAVE BEEN A BETTER CHOICE) HE THEN GOT sacked FOR BEING A FUCKING WANK during the euros 2014. now he has become a (failed poker player) racist travel vlogger and scammer. i hate this guy more than anyone else. i mean look at the CUNT


Anyway enough about these gruffnuts, back to me and my new found success....

TBH after my last post I took a 3 buy in shot at 50nl and busted my roll and did infact have to go back to my job with the council. For 5 years I did not play one single hand of poker (because of self ban), but I did watch over 4,000 hours of 'high stake pkr' and 'poker after drk' on after all this study i found myself back in the mindset to give full time poker a go again and stared back at 20nl (never played lower) in 2019.... what would come next was gooing to shock the poker world......

(to be Continued), gotta go to bed

Friday, 6 June 2014

It's been a while guys

But I thought I'd update the blog. I've not been playing much poker recently because I have been on the WORST FUCKING run of all time. I haven't actually played for 6 months because every time I did I would get fucked over by typical William hill river cards.

Anyway I have been looking into other revenue steams and as don't want to have to go back to my job with the council

My latest idea is forming a Half Man Half Biscuit cover band. If there are any sick drummers or bass players out there then leave me a comment and we can jam.

Here is a sample on YouTube of my skills. I know thus was JPGs fave song as I saw him moshing to it topless at a gig in Burnley.

Thursday, 7 March 2013


I'm taking students again, my rate is £7.55/hr. Message me on here or 2p2. Thx.

Monday, 14 June 2010

why they call me KING PLAT


Thursday, 20 May 2010

crushing again

hi guys been quite on blog front i know, just an update to say that i have been crushing higher stakes than my usual for a long time now.

i got coaching off of razor666 back in december of last year and i haven't looked back since!

will post my graph soon and make you all sick



Tuesday, 11 May 2010


haggis muching mong from scotland is all talk and no balls.

hasn't won since the super soft days of 2006 and is clueless when it comes to cash game play.

because he can't even win at $10NL he is trying to learn low stakes PLO (seems to be doing pretty badly)

this guy is a joke of a man, i urge all loyal PLAT fans to leave some abuse on this scottish twats blog, ask him why he never posts results and why he is playing micro stakes PLO and why he cant even beat $10nl holdem.


Saturday, 19 December 2009

Xmas and New Caravan

Hey guys hows everyone doing?

JPG still trying to get rid of that rash on yer arse from that ladyboy in Thailand?

Gay Billingham still broke and in the closet?

Rakeback Goth still a freakshow and breakeven player?

CUTE FISH still getting owned by Loser18 hu?

2 buy in's still a fucking degen MUG??????

Razor666 still a nit with no sense of humour?

Houchen1 still crushing £20nl on william hills?

Balmore still a haggis eating cocky little fuck face?


Anyway guys its christmas which is usualy a time of year that i despise. This year however is different as i've been given possibly the BEST christmas present ever. My gan and grandad have recently come into a lot of money and they have decided to share the wealth and have bought me a brand new caravan for christmas! SO SICK!

It's about 100000000 times better than the one i'm living in at the moment, i've placed an advert in the paper trying to sell it but dont think i will get anything for it. My grandparents said they were sick of the site of my current caravan at the bottom of their garden. Plus it was costing them too much to heat.

My new one is gonna be fucking amazing, was up picking it yesterday. Forgot to take photos to post but here is a pic of the same model.

As you can see it's got a BALCONY! OMG it's gonna be so sick just sitting up there in the summer with a Duvel and perhaps a lady accompanying me. CANT FUCKING WAIT.

In return I'm hoping to get my grandparents are really good gift back, anyone got any ideas?

Cheers guys,

Poker been going really good as well guys btw will post my end of year graph at the end of the year. i think some of you will be surprised as i have gotten a LOT better and ive made a lot of money this year.